Not all insulation options are created equal. See how compares to your other choices.

'Roll-out' Insulation - air gaps and voids. Less effective.

Roll-out insulation is installed as large strips and then cut and pieced together. The inevitable voids and gaps between the strips of insulation allow large amounts of heat to pass through, reducing effectiveness by up to 45%.

Ordinary cellulose insulation - More dense. Less effective.

Current manufacturing techniques result in cellulose fibre that is too closely compressed. This results in a layer that is dense and does not trap enough air.

TopHat135 Cellulose Insulation cellulose insulation - proven best and most cost effective.

TopHat's advanced manufacturing techniques result in a uniquely shaped interlocking fibre that is packed far lighter and does not compact over time or shift in your ceiling. This means more air pockets are trapped and the result is the most effective insulation available.

85% Recycled. 100% Organic. Naturally Better!

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