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TopHat cellulose insulation is hands down the best way to make your home more comfortable year round and to save on heating costs in winter. The facts prove it!

TopHat’s Cellulose insulation is converted newsprint with the addition of a harmless naturally occurring chemical, rendering it highly fire and rodent resistant.

The advanced process of our mill produces a light wool like material, which effectively traps air pockets, these air pockets form a resistance to the movement of air. The transmission of air from hot to cold is reduced by over 85%. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving considerable energy and cost.

The bonus is TopHat’s cellulose insulation at 135mm thick reduces the transmission of sound by up to 45 decibels (normal conversation is around 30 decibels), making your home quieter.

85% of TopHat’s Insulation is manufactured from newspaper and has the largest amount of post-consumer recycled content in the industry! The product itself is also totally recyclable.

TopHat’s Cellulose Insulation also takes between 20 to 40 times less energy to make than other insulation materials.

Insulation performance is measured in “R-value” (m.sqK/W). The higher the “R”-value, the more effective the insulation material. TopHat Insulation has an “R-value” of above 3.3 at a thickness of 135mm. 3.3 is the recommended “R-value” requirement for insulation in most of South Africa (it is marginally lower in KZN type climates). Most other forms of insulation would need to exceed this thickness to achieve the same insulation performance.

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    TopHat's advanced Cellulose uses 20-30 times less energy to produce, dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No question is a dumb question - if you don’t see it here, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable representatives at any time who can answer any questions you might have.

    What will it cost me?
    Insulation supplied by TopHat is more affordable than all other methods to achieve the same result. A personalised, no obligation quote can quickly and easily be arranged at your premises by one of our technical advisors.

    How long does it take to install?
    From 3 to 5 hours, depending on your ceiling area and configuration.

    How much will it cool the rooms underneath the ceiling?
    It will not cool the room but it will stop the heat that builds up in your loft above the ceiling from being transmitted into the room. Temperatures in your roof could reach as high as 60 degrees Celsius. Without insulation or air movement in your room, the room could reach 40 degrees within 3 to 4 hour exposure.

    Is the product safe?
    Yes, completely. Unlike the mineral (fiberglass, rockwool etc.) versions of insulations, there are no recordings of any human reaction to the product. The product is also fire retardant and a rodent repellent.

    Are the fire retardants used safe for humans?
    The fire retardant additive used to manufacture TopHat Insulation is completely non-toxic.

    Is it ecologically friendly?
    Yes. TOPHAT135 is 85% Recylced, 100% Organic.

    How does it compare to other forms of insulations available?
    Both thermally and acoustically it fares exceptionally well. Typically fiberglass is cut to size and fitted into the ceiling often with gaps. Our product is “blown” onto the ceiling filing every nook and cranny.

    Can TopHat Insulation be installed over existing insulation?
    Provided that the existing insulation is properly installed and free from defect (water damage, etc.) TopHat Insulation may be installed over existing insulation. A little TopHat can go a long way. However, we do not take the existing material’s insulation value into account and will install on our recommended thickness.

    How much will it save me?
    Compared to most other insulation materials, world tests on Cellulose insulation have performed 20 to 30% better at reducing energy used for heating/cooling. This can reduce the costs on your utility bill by 20 to 50% depending on your usage of heating/cooling systems.

    How much insulation should I have in my home?
    Each area of the country has different recommended R-Values for insulation. Typically though Eskom recommends a thickness of 135mm.

    Is the product guaranteed?
    Absolutely. TopHat’s insulation is guaranteed for life assuming the product is not disturbed.

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    85% Recycled. 100% Organic. Naturally Better!

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