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During the warm summer months, the hot rays of the sun, penetrates the surface of your roof, and heats up the still air trapped inside. This hot air quickly finds its way through your ceiling and into your living space, making your home uncomfortable and hot.

TopHat135 insulation is expertly blown into every nook & cranny, creating an excellent barrier, which reduces this heat transfer by up to 95%, keeping you cool in summer.

During the winter months, the reverse is true and the heat generated by your heater or fireplace, moves up through your ceiling, reducing your home’s temperature and increasing your heating bills. TopHat135 's roof insulation barrier again stops this heat loss through your ceiling, saving you energy and money, keeping you warm in winter.

Only Insulating with gives you these benefits:

TopHat135TM advanced cellulose insulation saves homeowners huge amounts of energy! every time 4 average size homes are insulated with TopHat135TM we all save...

Yesterday's Newsprint. Tomorrow's Insulation.

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