The TopHat Dipstick


Download the dipstick using the Download link at the bottom of this page. Print and cut out the TopHat Dipstick along the dotted lines. Glue or staple the dipstick onto a piece of cardboard.


Place the TopHat Dipstick in your existing roof insulation and check the current depth.


If the depth is lower than minimum, your insulation is not working. What do I do next?

Q: I already have blown-in insulation?

TopHat Insulation will blow-in another layer on top of your existing insulation giving the protection you require.

Q: I already have another type of insulation?

If the existing insulation has been laid correctly, TopHat can still add another layer bringing your home up to the minimum OR remove the existing insulation, cart it away and blow in the minimum required, giving you full protection.

Q: I do not currently have any insulation?

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